Fair EVA

Fair EVA is an open source project that is gathering resources and building tools to help researchers and developers, technology activists and voice technology users evaluate and audit bias and discrimination in voice technologies.

Zen of Machine Learning

The Zen of Machine Learning (ML) is a project of the Mozilla Trustworthy AI Working Group. The Zen of ML is a set of design principles that helps ML educators and self-learners prioritise responsible machine learning practices. The principles consider the end-to-end machine learning development cycle, from data collection to model evaluation and continuous deployment. Inspired by the Zen of Python, the Zen of ML can be viewed as a culture code that promotes the responsible development of ML products and projects. It is not binding or enforceable, but is intended to shape industry norms and offer a practical guide to building trustworthy AI.

Big Data for Household Energy Insights

The Big Data for Household Energy Insights project is housed at the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town. The goals of the project are to provide strategic support and leadership to convene and mobilise key stakeholders towards building big data capabilities for domestic load research, and to deliver technical data science and stewardship activities in this regard. The project has delivered South Africa’s first online datasets of Domestic Electrical Load (DEL) studies.

Data for Municipal Infrastructure Assets

Data for Municipal Infrastructure Assets (Data4MIA) is a student internship programme that has been designed to assist local government with collecting and updating data required for successful management of water and sanitation infrastructure assets. The programme exposes students to the technology, complex systems, software tools and challenges that local government uses and encounters on a daily basis to deliver critical infrastructure and services to the people of South Africa. The programme was developed in collaboartion with the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency and has a direct impact on data management for Water Service Authorities in rural and distressed municipalities.

Engineers Without Borders South Africa

Engineers Without Borders South Africa (EWB-SA) is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 with a mission to empower engineers to empower communities. Since its establishment, EWB-SA has been focused on delivering programmes for youth leadership and engineering education, as well as social impact projects through our national chapter network. Over the last decade EWB-SA has impacted hundreds of engineering students in South Africa, and has made significant contributions to engineering curriculum transformation.

Deep Learning for Echocardiogram Analysis

The Deep Learning for Echocardiogram Analysis code base was developed and open-sourced during the 2019 Data Science for Social Good Fellowship programme. The project automates the analysis of echocardiogram images to detect normal heart functioning.