I am a PhD researcher in the ICT research group of the Engineering Systems and Services department in the Technology, Policy and Managament faculty at the Technical University of Delft. I work under the supervision of dr. Aaron Ding and am promoted by Prof. dr. ir. Marijn Janssen. My research focuses on designing, testing and evaluating system architectures for edge intelligence to embed predictive and decision-making capabilities in complex, dynamic and unpredictable Internet-of-Things enabled environments, such as smart grids.

I received my masters in computer science with distinction from the University of Cape Town under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Deshen Moodley and Prof. Tommie Meyer. My masters work investigated unsupervised machine learning techniques for generating representative household energy consumption patterns in South Africa, a developing country with a highly variable population. In particular, I demonstrated that nuanced and context-specific qualitative evaluation measures informed by expert insights can support the efficient, transparent and repeatable evaluation of clustering models in a real-world application.

Outside of my academic research I am the co-founder of Engineers Without Borders South Africa, a non-profit organisation with the mission to empower engineers to empower communities. I am a fellow of TechWomen (Silicon Valley, 2018) and Data Science for Social Good (London, 2019), and am frequently invited to speak on the impact of technology and digitisation on society. I am always open to conversations about technology, social impact and their influence on each other.